Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thai !!!

Today is the 3rd day I stay at bangkok. My 1st impression of this huge city is-----Lon Mak !!!! But after a few days staying at here, i feel quite ok now....We stay at Lub.d ( good sleep ) here. This place was so special but it cost me almost half of the pocket money I bring ( 2350baht for 5 nites )!!! The 1st day we went to watch for the stand still is a little bit boring because they just " stand still " and play....At night, we also went to a night market near Lub.d. The things there was so cheap and I bought a few shirts . Yesterday we went to see Mr. Kasem school.....We went there from afternoon till nite....after that, he brought us to eat Thai food ( finally )!!! It was quite delicious and cheap too...Thanks to Mr. Kasem cause treat us for that meal !!! Today, we go to chatuchak open market......I bought all my souvenier there because it was really cheap there and gt littl ebit similar as 'qi qiong gai' in M'sia.......In the afternoon,we go to see the junior, senior and open division. This is a lot more interesting than the stand still division because it was like WGI style.....I am really impressed by some of the performance, like Mr, Kasem group !! It was really nice !!! Tonight we gonna go to cheer mum's restaurant to have our dinner.......this is what I have done in Thailand this few days....

Marimba !!! The sound is ti mak mak !!!

Timor on field !!!

Me with carbonply !!!

HomeTheater at Lub.d


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